Project Payday Reviews – Should You Join Project Payday?

project paydayIf you’ve ever searched for a practical concept of making money online, you’ve probably come across Project Payday. Most people don’t have a clue as to what this program means or what it offers for that matter. This Project Payday review is specifically prepared for those who curiously want to make money using this program.

An overview of Project Payday

The first thing people should realize when offered the opportunity to sign up for Project Payday is that they have nothing to lose (except time and effort). When you sign up to this program, you will have your login details to their official training site and resource materials. If you like, you can purchase resources here in form of step-by-step video tutorials, books and so on. This should cost around $19.95, although you have the freedom of taking the traditional route — which will still make you money.

So, what exactly is Project Payday?

project payday

To cut a long story short, this is a hub or resources that is geared towards helping people make money through ads. These include typical online ads such as ”click here to get a free iPhone” or ”win a free trip to Dubai” ads. You can become a paid referral for anyone who wants those products. Ultimately, you will become someone who pays for those referrals and also pockets the profits that come from the sale of these products.

Of course Project Payday also comes with an instruction manual which is clear and concise. Videos have also been included to make certain concepts clear. So far, there are 3 methods in Project Payday that will help you make money and keep making it.

The first method

This is where everyone begins from. It requires that you participate in a referral forum. You will be given several choices to pick from, plus you will be taught how to manage trades to start making money right away.

To begin, you will need to login to the referral site, find someone who is willing to buy referral links and sell to them. The built-in trade manager will let you setup a trade agreement with the buyer. They will give you their referral link which you will use to complete offers and show up in their list of qualified referrals.

If this buyer ordered a TV set worth $400 and they had 4 qualified referrals in this list, they could pay each one of them $25 in order to sign up and become a referral. This way, they will only pay $100 to get the TV set. To make money here, you need to become their referral and complete orders on their behalf.

Second method

By now, you’ve signed up with several sites to go green and start earning. This time, you are the buyer who is buying green from those working the first method. You’ll pay them a small amount to complete offers for you. If, for instance, you want a $300 PayPal cash payout and you had 10 referrals, you could pay them $10 each. This means you’re only paying $100 for a $300 cash out. You’re keeping the rest of the profit.

Third method

This one builds on the second method. But this time round, you purchase referrals for tangible items such as electronics. You can then sell these items anytime you want. This is where the money begins to roll in since electronics tend to have a higher profit margin per referral compared to cash.

Conclusion on Project Payday

Don’t be mislead by negative Project Payday reviews. Project Payday itself is a hub of resources. It teaches you where to go to make money and how to proceed afterwards. This way, anyone can get started and they will make money for sure!

Lastly here’s a quick video review on PPD (I do NOT endorse this video!) It is for learning purposes…