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Found within the boundaries of the Sumbu National Park on the shores of lake Tanganyika, Kasaba Bay Lodge has an unrivalled locality with sheltered bays and huge sandunes.

Great adventure awaits those who want to explore Africa's central and ancient darkest region.

Some of Africa's rarest bird life can be found in widely differing ecosystems, ranging from savannah plains and rain forest fragments to extensive wetlands.

A dazzling array of lesser known bird species including Pel's Fishing Owl, Palmnut Vulture, Yellow-bellied Hyloita and Angola Pitta, have been recorded in the national park.

Set in the ancient Rift Valley, Lake Tanganyika is the longest and deepest lake in the world being 677 kilometers long and 97 kilometers at its widest point.

Reaching 1435 meters in depth, the lake contains one sixth of the world's fresh water.

The eighty kilometers of shoreline, as well as the protected waters of Sambu National Park, are renowned for both excellent game and fly-fishing.

The lake is home to six hundred species of fish. The thought of catching the magnificent Golden Perch (unique to the lake), or recently reclassified Tanganyika Perch (Lates augustifrons), or two species of Tiger Fish, one of which is the very rare Goliath or the largest member of the Cichlid family, the Nkupi, are what experienced anglers dream of.

Kasaba Bay's luxury cottages with en-suite bathrooms and private verandas offer majestic views across the world's longest lake surrounded by African wilderness.

Relax with well-chilled sundowners whilst game watching from the pool deck or the central complex veranda. Enjoy cuisine of the highest standard and in the evening, swop stories of your day's adventure with other guests around the magnificent hand-carved teak bar.

History is alive in the area. The quote "AN AREA OF UNSURPASSED LOVLINESS" is attributed to David Livingstone when he extensively explored the region in 1867, crusading against slavery.

Whether in custom-built game viewing landrovers, on foot or by boat, we offer tailormade excursions throughout the 2020 square kilometers of Sumbu National Park accompanied by experience, armed parks rangers.

Game experiences can provide enthusiasts with sightings from Sitatungu and Roan antelope to lion and elephant as well as some of the largest crocodiles you are likely to see. An opportunity not to be missed whilst based at Kasaba Bay is to range up to Gombe Stream, home of Jane Goodall's chimpanzees.


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